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We are providing you access to Clifton Muckenfuss, owner of Carolina Exteriors and Contractor Independence’s dedicated business coach at WinRate Consulting.

He will be hosting a virtual sales training call the first Wednesday of every month,  at 5:30pm EST. Clifton will have a topic applicable to the sales process, followed by a short Q & A. More information on Cliftoncan be found below.


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As part of the Contractor Independence network, you have FREE access to an online, e-learning course on sales! *see below*


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Owner and Head Coach of WinRate Consulting, Mike has over 16+ years’ experience in Business Development, Sales, and Leadership. The last 7 years he has been leading and scaling construction companies both for others and himself. He’s assisted numerous companies increase their revenue by millions of dollars due to his structured approach of communication—follow through—and follow up. Mike takes a personal hands-on approach to coaching and has implemented formulas and systems that take businesses from 6 to 7+ figures.

You can learn more about Mike and WinRate Consulting HERE.
He has created an online SALES TRAINING COURSE in an easy to digest, go at your own pace video format. Ideal for anyone looking to close the sale and take it to the next level. The course consists of:

  • 50+ lessons walking you through the WinRate sales and leadership process
  • Easy-to-follow curriculum
  • New and modern marketing strategies
  • Over 4 hours of online learning
  • Practical and actionable items to implement immediately
  • You will learn how to IDENTIFY, TARGET, QUALIFY & AQUIRE your ideal clients.