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The Founders

Connor and Ian are U.S. Army Engineer veterans who have seen some of the best and worst that the construction industry has to offer.

They've developed a system that elevates traditional marketing methods and helps contractors dominate their area.

Throughout their experience in military construction, they developed a strong admiration and respect for what an effective contractor brings to the table.

They dove in headfirst- Gaining as much hands-on experience as possible with the ins and outs of both military and civilian construction.

In addition to their construction experience, working with contractors in their real estate investments brought them to the realization that it wasn’t a lack of jobs that stops contractors from growing, but a lack of the right jobs.

After that, they made it their mission to help contractors free themselves from traditional marketing methods.

They founded Contractor Independence, a Digital Marketing agency based in Richmond, Virginia.

The agency has built its reputation on building PASSIVE lead generation assets that bring in high quality, exclusive leads for the jobs our clients want.

Our Goal is simple

To empower YOU to take control of your growth and gain independence from traditional marketing methods that hold your business hostage.

Watch this video to see why our team loves what they do!

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Our Team

Meet our Executive Team!

The fearless leaders of our operation.

Ian Cunningham

Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Max Collett

Chief Technology Officer

Connor Corkrin

Co-Founder | Chief Operating Officer

Meet our Leadership Team!

The captains of our departments that elevate us to new levels.

Shelby Friedman

Head of Marketing

John George

Head of Sales

Israel Castro

Executive Assistant

Bucky Helms

Head of Fulfillment

Mark Molinyawe

Head of Retention & Expansion

Meet our Sales Team!

They're your first introduction to our Game-Changing System.

Emily Fritts

Senior Growth Strategist

Lionel Guy

Growth Strategist

Matt Kirschner

Growth Strategist

Leslie Rathbun

Senior Growth Strategist

Keller Istok

Growth Development Specialist

Meet Our Fulfillment Team!

They're the geniuses behind your future success!

Precious Rivera

Operations Specialist

Jonathan Valle

Operations Specialist

Kurt Lladoc

Operations Specialist

Wilhelmino Palma

Operations Specialist

Justin De Leon

Operations Specialist

Meet Our Retention & Expansion Team!

They are your go-to point of contact to discuss the success of your campaigns!

Shawna Beckmann

Client Success Team Manager

Rylan Shanks

Campaign Manager

Emma Mendoza

Campaign Manager

Smita Vyas

Campaign Manager

Said Villa

Campaign Specialist

Luis Alejandro

Campaign Specialist

Marcela Torres

Campaign Manager

Lea Moise

Campaign Manager

Meet our Systems Team!

They're the lifeblood of the company, ensuring our operation runs smoothly.

Soban Alvi

Senior Systems Engineer

Anton Potorochin

Systems Engineer

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