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Contractor Independence Marketing

OUR MISSION, Is To Free Contractors From Lead Companies, Forever!


Our Founders Ian and Connor perfected the creation of a job-generating asset that increases your inbound job requests - on auto-pilot.

It's an industry disrupter that completely changes the way Contractors Generate Business.

...So you NEVER AGAIN need to pay for ads/agencies to generate leads.

Veteran Owned and Operated

Connor and Ian are U.S. Army Engineer vets who started Contractor Independence™ in 2018 after returning from Overseas.

It's since grown into a 30+ employee company, having served Over 600 U.S. Based Contractors nationwide.

Ian Cunningham & Connor Corkrin

After Returning Home in 2018

Real Business Owners.

Real Results.

Our Guarantee is to Add YOU to this List of Success Stories

Jared Morris

J&R Contracting Group

“We received such an influx of phone calls. I literally could not book out any more customers. Our gross revenue has increased by over $1 Million Dollars!

Eric Parker

E Parker Group

“New business has increased by more than 25%. What you've done for me in the last 6 months has been phenomenal. I look forward to continue working with you.”

Joseph Thomas

Owner, We Improve For You

“Before working with Contractor Independence I wasn’t showing up on any of the map searches around my office. Our call traffic has increased, we’ve gotten more visits to the website, and last month I added an extra $25K month to my business! Working with Contractor Independence is a shortcut to the Top!”

Julio Penaranda

Kitchen Tune-Up of Roswell

“Before joining Contractor Independence we had a difficult time differentiating ourselves on Google from other contractors in our area. Now that we’re ranked first it has eased the way people find us on top of the search bar. This is the first service that actually did what I was looking for.”

Julie Odell

TruBlue House Care of Centennial

“In the last month we've generated 25+ Star Reviews and a lot of traffic. We’re excited to see the long term success with Contractor Independence.”

Olesya Focht

Beaver Building & Remodeling

“We’re a small home remodeling company in the Philadelphia suburbs. We hired Contractor Independence back in November 2020. I thought we were busy then, but whatever is happening now is craziness! You must hire Contractor Independence, it is the best money we have invested!”

“Added $1M and On Track to


“Increased business

by at least 50%.”

“I literally could not Book

out Anymore Customers.”

“A company so knowledgeable

that knows what they’re doing.”

“You did what you said

you were going to do.”

"We went from $1.5Mil to $3.45Mil - We DOUBLED."

“It’s worth every

penny I’ve spent.”

“Last month, I got an extra

25K, just through doing this.”

“They got us results on Google

Maps... 1st page in every zip code.”

"#1 In Online Presence in 3 Months"

“Added 45% in Monthly Recurring Revenue!”

“Doubled My Employee Count and Bought Two More Vans”

12+ NEW Sewer Line Repairs Each Month

Requests Sent Direct Using The

Passive Job System™

  • One Time Setup, ZERO Ongoing Fees
  • Inbound Requests, NO Chasing
  • Guaranteed Results

NOTE: The Passive Jobs System is limited to one contractor per service area and is being implemented all across the USA. Click above to check if your service area is available.


Hear our clients speak about our transparency, our communication, and of course, our results.

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How It Works

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Our Growth Strategists listen to your needs and see if our system is right for you. We shoot it to you straight, and our first call is only 10 minutes to value your time.


If our System is a fit, our team will map out the framework for meeting your goals, and explain the finer details of our system further.

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We get to work right away getting jobs through the door so our system pays for itself. Then we build out your long term solution to provide true independence to your company.


Our System enables you to become self-reliant for growth, and gain control of your business and your life. It's backed by a Money-Back Guarantee and you pay for it once, which means the ROI compounds year over year.

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