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“We Doubled... We were at $1.35M, and now we're at $3.45M”

Kevin & Olesya Focht

Beaver Building & Remodeling

“90-days in, and we're already seeing 30+ roofing Job Requests/mo.”

Joey Walker

Walker Roofing & Construction

“The lead quality is so good that I'm getting to cherry pick Only the best jobs.”

Ryan Schatz

Schatz Construction & Restoration

“We received such an influx of phone Calls, I literally could not book out anymore customers... our annual revenue has increased by over $1 Million.”

Jared Morris

J&R Contracting Group

“Contractor Independence gave me a platform for customers to find me.”

John Wood

Wolfpack Remodeling LLC

“We've only been with Contractor Independence for 2 months, but we're getting a number of closed jobs already."

Jason Short

Enviro Dry Restoration

“We got 9-months in, and I had to start turning work down.”

Eric Byrne

Greenmen Builders

“I feel like they are a member of our team and have a genuine interest in our success.”

Mary Williams

American River Plumbing LLC

“I'm beginning to see excellent results in my Google Rankings... It's been a good investment into my business.”

Chris Brown

Beautiful Exteriors

"My business has more than tripled in income since we started with Contractor Independence... this is the best year that I've had since I've been in business."

Kyle Ryan

Mountain Best Carpet Cleaning

"When they say they will deliver, they DELIVER."

Linda Solomon

Paragon Quality Remodelers

"Contractor Independence is knowledgeable and know what they're doing... Extremely fast and reliable communication"


Overall Renovation

"Contractor Independence did everything we set out to do at the beginning of the campaign"

Mark Saber

EJT Custom Xteriors

"So far they've been awesome... They're responsive, and they really want to make sure we see our results"

Laureyn Furtney

Synergy Skylights & Roofing

"Our business is the number 1 searched on google whenever people search kitchen remodeling... we've beaten our goal of reaching $1 Million this year."

Julio Penaranda

Kitchen Tune-Up of Atlanta

"I was skeptical at first, but it's actually working... we're seeing an uptick in leads"

Kevin Aspinall

Hook & Ladder Gutters

"We were spending A LOT of money on pay per click ads... We were able to eliminate that because of the lead flow that came through this system."

Chase Vincent

Kitchen Tune-Up of Louisville

"Contractor Independence did what they said they were going to do in the time they said they'd do it... they knocked it out of the park"

John Hensley

Four Seasons Roofing

"Our number of remodeling requests Increased by 50%"

John Rodriquez

Rodriguez Remodeling

"The biggest surprise is that it actually works... we're ranking higher on maps and getting more jobs."

Glory Spurlock

Ashco Roofing

“Since we started with them, we've gone from 1 Truck to 3 trucks... they continue to make our phone ring... I'm expecting to have another 3 trucks added by the end of 2023”

Ron Pescatore

Pescatore Plumbing & Heating

"They've helped me develop my company... This has been my best decision I've made for my company this year.”

Jorge Sanchez

Aztecs Innovative Solutions

"in month 1, We're already generating over 20 new 5-star reviews, and we're experiencing A LOT of new traffic"

Julie Odell

TruBlue Total House Care

“Last month, I got an extra 25K, just through doing this.”


We Improve For You

"i've not seen another lead company actually back up their work with written guarantees like contractor independence... and I recommend them because it's working.”

Troy Woody

Mr. Electric Kennewick

"This has been benefiting our business and increasing our sales. This is an easy business decision.”

Dante Gideon

Mountain Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

“They've done a great job where others have failed.”

JOSeph Seifert

Seifert Contracting

"We're at the top of Google Maps in all the zip codes that we were focused on."

Larry Bausch

Dom Construction

"I'm seeing a lot more calls come in from people finding us online... the results we're seeing are amazing."

Sivonne Williams

Eagle Pride Construction

"Contractor Independence changed our business by giving us more freedom and better marketing."

Austin Nolan

Rapid Rooter of Connecticut

"Their communication is above and beyond... They've been super clear about setting realistic expectations and following through on what they say."

Paul Williams

P3 Roofing

"Everything that they said was going to happen did, except better... Since working with Contractor Independence, our revenue has increased by 45%."

Tony Farr

ACA Remodeling Inc.

"This System has opened Up Capacity for me, and I've been able to get back to focusing on my customers."

Alex Andrade

Berman Construction Group

"Contractor Independence is Totally different from other marketing companies... Since the beginning, they've been well organized and they do everything with excellence."

Josue Vazquez

3 Days Later Roofing

"I've worked with several marketing companies, and my experience has actually been really poor... But Contractor Independence's customer support has been truly top notch."

Ashley Forbis

F2 Roof Solutions

"My business has Increased by 25% in the first 6-months"

Eric Parker

E Parker BB Inc.

"Everything they've said they would do, they've done. I've had 152% increase in online traffic - just in the first 30-days."

David Guynn

Total Kitchens Group

"I feel this company actually cares for us... I've gotten many jobs from this program and looking forward to getting many more."

Steven Grifka

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling of Sterling Heights

"We've seen a great improvement in the lead volume we've been getting... Contractor Independence has also helped me to improve my overall Operations."

William Burgess

4M Plumbing

"By the 2nd Month of working with Contractor Independence, I've gotten 4 jobs that are amounting to about $150,000."

Gabriel Brito

GM Home Construction

"They do not overpromise. They give you reasonable expectations - and for us, they outperformed from there."

Ranesa Bodine

Sage Roofing & Construction

"Before working with Contractor Independence, I didn't have enough Leads... My revenue has continued to Grow $5,000-$10,000 per month every month."

Stacey Estes

Super Pro Plumbing

"I've been able to sit back and let them do their thing... We've been seeing significant bumps in our search traffic."

Trevor Lemieux


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